Edition Farm's 200+ acres of land is our pride and joy. Great personal satisfaction comes by maintaining our fields in order that the horses graze in the best natural environment possible. The rolling terrain helps develop good bone and muscle through normal exercise of free roaming horses.


We have our soil analyzed every year by Roger Allman of The Farm Clinic. We implement his recommendations for proper fertilizers and seeding procedures. The quantity and quality of the nutrients that exist in our soil and grasses always amaze him.


Our farm has 21 fields, each containing mini barns for shelter and automatic waterers with heated tanks.

In addition to our fields we also have a covered turn out arena for newborn foals at risk and recovering mares, as well as smaller dirt paddocks and round pen.

Our Main Broodmare Barn has two large foaling stalls each with padded cameras linked to an app clients can download so they can watch their mares have their foals.

Edition Farm is a 24/ 7, 365 days per year operation for Thoroughbred broodmares and their foals.